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         We specialize in cleaning Mexican tile, sealing Mexican tile,   polishing Mexican tile floors. Terracotta cleaning, terracotta sealing and terracotta polishing services in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and surrounding cities in the home or business.

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Our services include:

  • Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning .
  • Saltillo Mexican tile polishing.
  • Mexican tile refinishing & restoration.
  • Sealing of Mexican tile & sealing terracotta.
  • Terracotta cleaning & terracotta polishing.
  • Refinishing of terracotta tiles.
  • Interior & exterior service.
  • Residential & commercial service.

Mexican tile ( saltillo ) and terracotta are very porous tiles and if they are not sealed will get worn and very dirty over time. We can bring your Mexican tile or terracotta floor back to life. We can usually just scrub,   re-seal & polish the Mexican tile or terracotta, sealing with a low gloss sealer, semi gloss sealer or a high gloss wet look finish. Cleaning Mexican tile and polishing Mexican tile or terracotta is usually all that is needed. Stripping is usually not necessary and we no longer provide this service, but if it is, we will let you know. Stripping requires that each and every tile and grout line be done by hand one by one. It is very labor intensive, it also requires hazardous chemicals, time consuming and is very costly to you. If you have been putting years of store bought wax type or clean and shine products on the floor, this will build up over time and can be stripped by machine. This is also fairly labor intensive.


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Cleaning, stripping, sealing, polishing, refinishing & restoration of  saltillo Mexican tile and terracotta in the home or business.

Mexican tile - Before

Mexican tile - After

Mexican tile - Before

Mexican tile - After

Terracotta cleaning & polishing

Mexican tile high gloss sealer